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Enjoy 15000 Puffs with Geek Bar Pulse Meta Moon Vape

Offering a special fusion of taste, safety, and technology, the Meta Moon Geek Bar Pulse 15000 disposable vape is a noteworthy invention in the vaping market. For those looking for a sophisticated vaping experience with a hint of customization and improved control, this gadget is made for them.

Appealing Flavor Profile

The Meta Moon Geek Bar Pulse Vape 15000 presents a delightful blend of watermelon and strawberry, a traditional pairing that is sweet and energizing. The tropical undertones of papaya give this classic blend a unique twist and richness of taste. The end product is a multifaceted, colorful flavor experience that pleases the senses.

With a substantial 16 ml of e-liquid capacity, the gadget has an amazing capacity that guarantees a prolonged vaping experience. With a nicotine concentration of 50 mg/ml, it is strong enough to satisfy individuals who want a strong dose every time they take a puff. With its large e-liquid capacity and strong nicotine content, the Geek Bar Pulse is a fantastic option for experienced vapors.

Innovative Modes

‘Close Mode’ provides a childproof feature that ensures security and eliminates accidental usage, which is especially crucial for users who are near youngsters. With a maximum of 7500 puffs, the “Pulse Mode” is a special feature that’s perfect for those who want to switch up their vaping experiences. With up to 15000 puffs, the “Regular Mode” fully utilizes the gadget, making it a great option for frequent users.

The gadget has indications for the amount of e-liquid and battery life, giving consumers the information they need to properly control their vaping experience. This function makes things more convenient and guarantees that consumers won’t be caught off guard by an e-liquid or battery runout.


What flavor is the meta moon pulse from Geek Bar?

Geek Bar Pulse invites you to experience the exceptional. Savor the delicious Meta Moon taste. Savor the smooth blending of traditional strawberry and watermelon fusion with the rich, creamy, tropical notes of papaya.

Is the taste of Meta Moon good?

Overall, this taste is highly recommended, and I’ll be stockpiling so we never run out! Despite being a rather finicky eater and drinker, my kid adores them. These flavors are also my favorites.

Do Geek Bars Hold Up Well?

There are many of the most well-liked varieties of Geek Bar Pulse available on the market. These are great nic salt compositions, with a 5 percent strength that give a very deep taste without being too thick to vape.

How does the Meta Moon flavor taste at Geek Bar?

An ideal option for a steamy summer day, the silky texture of the papaya rivals that of creamy vanilla thanks to the saccharine sweetness of the watermelon.

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