Geek Bar Pulse Vape: Insights About this Amazing Device

Who said that vape pens were too basic? With the release of the Geek Bar Pulse, perhaps one of the most sophisticated disposable vape devices to date, Geek Bar has put that idea to the test. This disposable is affordable, easy, and maintenance-free, and it can provide you with everything you need for a completely pleasant vape on your terms. It has dual output, an amazing mesh coil, an amazing puff count, and a comprehensive display screen.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’ve been trying to enhance your disposable game. In the most comprehensive and in-depth analysis to date, we will look at every aspect of this Geek Bar vape.

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The Geek Bar Pulse: What Is It?

The most recent disposable product from Geek Bar, a brand that was started by one of the most recognizable vape hardware companies ever, GeekVape, is the Geek Bar Pulse. Geek Bar disposables are designed to provide more sophisticated (and often adjustable) technology than its competitors, much as the mods and tanks from GeekVape. 

And the Pulse is a great accomplishment with its many distinctive specifications and features—this is particularly true. Now let’s discuss their specifications and characteristics.

How Is the Geek Bar Pulse Used?

Even if you’ve never vaped before, you should be able to use the Geek Bar Pulse practically instinctively right away. This gadget differs somewhat from the majority of other disposable vapes due to its many settings, so here’s a little tutorial to help you get acclimated to it.

  • You must first properly unbox the Geek Bar Pulse before you can use it. Tear the strip that encircles the box’s top. Take out the inside bag and open it. Take off the mouthpiece’s silicone stopper.
  • To activate the Geek Bar Pulse, slide the tab located at the device’s bottom to either the middle or higher position. The Geek Bar Pulse really turns on and off, unlike many throwaway vapes, which feature a sticker on the bottom of the device. The gadget is off when the tab is in the first position. The screen of the gadget ought should turn on when you move the tab.
  • To vape, puff on the gadget. Try to inhale more slowly while vaping for the first time than when you smoke a cigarette. The Geek Bar Pulse may gurgle or spew e-liquid into your mouth if you apply excessive air pressure.
  • Flip the switch on the Geek Bar Pulse’s bottom to adjust its settings. The three settings are off, regular (up to 15,000 puffs), and pulse (up to 7,500 puffs with twice the vapor output), starting from the bottom (close).
  • Recharge the Geek Bar Pulse by using a USB-C connection to attach it to your computer when the battery indication is low.
  • As soon as the e-liquid indication is almost empty, you should schedule a replacement. The Geek Bar Pulse is out of vape juice if it starts to taste really burned.

How does Pulse Mode work?

Geek Bar’s Pulse Mode The way vapor is given to consumers is revolutionized by Pulse. In contrast to conventional vaping settings, Pulse Mode generates a pulsing impression by cleverly controlling the power output in short bursts. This dynamic technique guarantees a tasty and consistent vape, increasing consumers’ overall satisfaction.

How Does Pulse Mode Operate?

Within the field of vaping technology, Pulse Mode functions by supplying power bursts at modifiable intervals. With the use of sophisticated electronics, the Geek Bar Pulse can produce pulsing waveforms by modulating the power output. This unique function minimizes the risk of overheating while maximizing the taste of e-liquids. It improves the smoothness and enjoyment of vaping.

What Should You Do if Your Geek Bar Pulse Isn’t Working?

One thing you can always rely on when purchasing a disposable vape from Geek Vape is quality. This business has a lengthy history in the field and produces some of the most well-liked goods across all market segments. If Geek Bar disposable vapes weren’t so dependable, they wouldn’t be as well-liked as they are, but sometimes your gadget could act differently than you would have liked. If your Geek Bar Pulse isn’t functioning, follow these steps.

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Flashing Red

The Geek Bar Pulse Vape has probably been dropped upon a hard surface if it is flashing red. Sometimes the only noticeable result of being dropped is that the device’s built-in puff sensor becomes unresponsive and stuck. To fix the puff sensor, blow hard into the mouthpiece of the device. If it fails, there’s a chance that internal harm has occurred to the device. Return the Geek Bar Pulse back to the shop if it is brand-new and has never operated.

Not Charging

The battery isn’t charging if the Geek Bar Pulse isn’t responding on your computer when you attach it. The good news is that changing the charging cord will nearly always resolve this. Use a toothpick to remove any lint found in the USB-C connector if your smartphone is still not charging.

Quick View of Geek Bar Pulse Details

To help you choose the Geek Bar Pulse that best suits your requirements, let’s start by going over its specifications.

15,000 Puffs in normal Mode (7500 in Pulse Mode): The mod has a dual power mode (more on that later), but in general, you can receive an incredible 15,000 puffs per bar while vaping in normal mode, which is far higher than the average for disposable devices. There is 15ml of e-liquid in the cartridge.

5% Nicotine Strength (50mg): Each pull of the e-liquid delivers a gratifyingly strong dose because of the 5% (50mg) salt-based nicotine.

Up to 20 Watts of Power (in Pulse Mode): For larger clouds and more intense taste, vaping in pulse mode delivers a powerful 20 watts of output.

650mAh Rechargeable Battery: The gadget has a built-in 650mAh rechargeable battery, so you never have to worry about being out of power while you still have plenty of e-liquid left.

The Pulse has an amazing design, with a mouthpiece that curves to fit comfortably in your mouth and a tiny enough size to fit in your pocket or palm. It also has remarkable ergonomic elements that make using it more comfortable. Its sleek design is a pleasure to hold, and while being quite light, the gadget is robust. It receives high marks for attention to detail in terms of aesthetics, with a contemporary appearance that instantly raises its stature.

Features of the Geek Bar Pulse

Let’s now discuss the unique characteristics that set the Geek Bar Pulse apart. The brand really excels in these aspects, which combine cutting-edge technology into an ostensibly simple product.

Advanced Dual Mesh Coil: Due to its increased surface heating area, this coil provides a significant taste and cloud production enhancement that is uncommon in disposable devices. Additionally, mesh coils usually outlive conventional designs.

Two Output Modes: The regular mode, which most vapers are used to, and the pulse mode, which has a powerful (20W) output that amplifies the strength behind each pull, are both interchangeable.

Generous Display Screen: You can simply and intuitively make changes with the display screen on the side of the chassis, which provides you with complete information on vaping statistics.

E-Liquid and Battery Indicators: You may always be aware of how much vaping is left in you until a new device is needed with the display screen’s e-liquid and battery life indicators.

Mode-Activated LED Graphics: For a visual display that improves the vaping experience, you may explore LED graphics according to the mode that you have chosen.


Which flavors of Geek Bar Pulse are ideal for those who want a powerful throat hit?

Seek for flavors that have a greater nicotine content; they are often listed on the label. Generally, ‘Ice’-based tastes have a stronger throat-hitting effect due to their stronger menthol coldness.

Do certain Geek Bar Pulse flavors seem to run out of liquid faster than others?

“Pulse Mode” uses the liquid more quickly and produces a bigger punch of taste and vapor. Expect the device to run out significantly sooner than if you were stuck to standard mode if you utilize Pulse Mode often.

Is it possible to add more e-liquid to my Geek Bar Pulse?

It cannot be refilled, thus if the e-liquid runs out, it should be properly discarded and a new one should be purchased.

Which Geek Bar Pulse Flavor Is the Best?

You have the last say on it! There are 36 different flavors available for Geek Bar Pulse, and new and limited edition varieties are added often.