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Miami Mint Geek Bar Pulse X Vape

Introducing the Geek Bar Pulse X Miami Mint disposable vaporizer, which has 25,000 puffs and is one of the longest-lasting devices available. It has the first 3D curved screen in the world, with LED zodiac star path lights that highlight the screen’s real-time battery and e-liquid status updates. This is the throwaway of the future, with a large X in the center that lights up with every puff.

Unleash the Flavor

Try the mouthwatering Miami Mint Flavor, a powerfully minty vapor that delivers a cool, refreshing menthol finish that tastes like peppermint. With 18 mL of prefilled e-liquid, taste loss is not an issue since you will always receive a constant dose. 

Enhanced Battery Life

The Geek Bar Pulse X has a strong 820 mAh rechargeable Type C battery that charges to 80% capacity in about 20 minutes. The gadget operates smoothly and effectively thanks to the cutting-edge VPU technology. You may choose between Regular and Pulse Mode on a twin mesh coil; Pulse Mode increases performance by 200% for a more powerful strike.


What sets the Miami Mint flavor apart from other mint flavors?

Miami Mint offers a unique blend of fresh mint with a subtle sweetness, capturing the essence of a breezy Miami evening for a refreshing and revitalizing vaping experience.

Can I customize the intensity of the mint flavor?

While the flavor profile is preset, the minty freshness is carefully balanced to provide a satisfying and invigorating sensation with every puff.

Is the Geek Bar Pulse X Miami Mint suitable for vaping in hot weather?

Absolutely! The cool, crisp taste of Miami Mint is perfect for refreshing yourself on hot summer days, providing a burst of coolness that’s both invigorating and enjoyable.

Does the device have any features specifically designed for outdoor use?

While not specifically outdoor-oriented, the sleek and portable design of the Geek Bar Pulse X makes it convenient for vaping on the go, whether you’re exploring the city streets or lounging by the beach.

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